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3 weeks in and going strong!

After 3 weeks at Penn State I could have never imagined my experience would start off like this! It has literally been everything I could have ever expected and 100x more. The classes here are tough, constant attention and focus is needed in order to succeed. I have studied, re-read notes, made flash cards and read more articles online than ever before in my life and my first exam isn’t for another week. Penn State is where you come to work, and where you come to truly learn and form opinions about things for yourself where before you just adopted the opinions of those about you.

After 3 weeks I have learned that football here is unlike anywhere else. After 3 weeks the passion shown by every freshman for this football team reflects their passion for this school. In New England you root for the Patriots because they are from your region, they have your favorite players and they win championships. At Penn State we love the Nittany Lions because we live as Nittany Lions. We sleep as Penn Staters, we eat as Penn Staters, and we live as Penn Staters. Our loyalty to our team doesn’t start when NFL Countdown comes on ESPN like fans at home, our loyalty is non-stop and never falters. After 3 weeks at Penn State the passion I have for the Nittany Lions matches that of my love for the Patriots after being a fan for as long as I can remember.

Finally, after 3 weeks here at Penn State its all starting to come together. I know I still have a lot to learn, and a lot of hard work ahead of me but I feel at home. Its a feeling that is strangely foreign because Marshfield is my home, but State College PA is slowly turning into an excellent substitute for my time at college. Buddies begin to turn into friends and a place that once seemed like a 3 mile campus slowly begins to turn into your home away from home.


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