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Stop for a Minute!

These past 7 weeks have been some of the most amazing, and surprising weeks of my entire life. I have gone from a 17 year old highschool senior in May who had no clue about life, to an 18 year old college student in September who still doesn’t have a clue, but just happens to know how to do his own laundry. But in all seriousness these past 7 weeks have been a rush, here one minute and gone the next. Sometimes I really do just need to take a step back and “Stop for a Minute”. My mom should especially love this blog post as the title is a tribute to one of my favorite songs she showed me before I left for PSU. That is the reason for this blog, it is my time to sit back relax and write about my time here at Penn State and show all of you what my college life is all about.

I have noticed that as you begin to live on your own, even if it is in a dorm room, you begin to shape who you are as a person. Mom and Dad are no longer there to guide you, your alarm clock goes off and its your duty to get up, no one is going to come to the door to make sure you aren’t going to sleep through class. Cleanliness is your job, if you want to make your bed than make it, if not then your room can get as messy as you want until your dorm neighbors tell you its starting to smell. Also, self-respect and values begin to start to reflect your own true beliefs and ideals. Your parents are no longer there to influence your views and morals begin to be tested to see if you really are who you want to be.

I think that after those first 7 weeks I have begun to realize that I am very happy with who I am. As Warren Buffet said, “we got the good tickets, saying you’re american, intelligent, and have opportunities those in other countries simply don’t have.” It is very true, I think that since I have arrived at Penn State I have matured as a person and started to realize that what is truly important is self worth and those people who surround you everyday. It is not about money or status, success should not be measured by salary but by how much good you pass on to this world. If you pass on a smile to everyone you meet, strike up random conversation and don’t care about what others think than how can you go wrong. Do what makes you happy, because if you are out there trying to satisfy everyone else and appeal to everyone around you, than eventually you will realize that your life is hollow and you have been wasting your time. I cannot believe that any man or woman who grew up, got married, raised a family who they love and care about would ever tell you they were unsuccessful. They have succeeded, even if their salary isn’t 200k they are happy and surrounded by love. I think it is important to remember that you can have a Ferrari and a yacht and a giant mansion, but when you come home from work at night and that mansion is empty than you are alone. These views passed on to me from my parents, and now that I am living on my own I am really starting to realize how they got these views.

I have also found that I am an extremely neat, tidy, and anti-clutter person. I love routines and following them, and my desk is always set up ready for tomorrow so I can wake up and start my day without a hiccup.

7 weeks, 3 home football games, 3 mid-term exams, loads of HW and readings. I think everyday here is a growing experience. I cherish everyday that I have here, the second I wake up I can’t wait to start my day and get things going. I have learned about gothic art, stonehenge, combustion engines, corporate social responsibility, limits, derivatives, stock options, beta, and life.

My life rocks, and its just getting started.


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