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94 Days

It has been 89 days. 89 days at Penn State, 89 days without a home cooked meal and 89 days without seeing Marshfield, MA. I never could have imagined going this long without being at home, but its still not over and I have 5 days left until I get to sleep in my own bed for the first time since August 17th, my birthday! Now after such a long time away from home I start to think about all of the things I have done here in State College. From football games, to frat parties, to midterm exams, new friends, cookies at west, and countless laughs. State College, PA is my perfect home away from home and I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else in the entire country.

I think that after the first few weeks here at Penn State I really started to realize just how lucky I was to be here, I had put in a lot of hard work, had a lot of guidance, and now it was finally my time that I had been imagining for the last 2 years of high school. You set your own guidelines, your own schedule, and your own priorities. Priorities and values that are by far defining in your life here at Penn State. School, Friends, Fun. Thats the order here for me, and thats the way it has to be in order for me to achieve the goals that I have mentally set. I don’t have to write them on paper, I’ve never had to, but the goals I set for myself aren’t average or close to it, I have always aimed as high as possible and tried to be #1 at everything I do. I think this competitive spirit is my most valuable characteristic. It fuels me to become the greatest I can be, and when other kids are out partying, I have no problem sitting behind a Bloomberg terminal just messing around trying to figure out exactly how it works and how the hell some sophomores already seem to have it mastered. It is this competitive nature that gives me the work ethic to never put in a lazy day, and never put in an effort that is less than 100%. I don’t measure my success upon the views of others, I measure my success by comparing it to the standards that I set for myself. So far, everything is going well, but there is never an easy semester or even week here at PSU and if you even hesitate for one day you aren’t living up to your potential.

94 days. How have I changed? Am I still the same person I was the day before I left for college? Do I like who I am becoming? These questions go through my mind constantly and I am constantly answering them. I would be lying if I said that college hasn’t changed me. I have become so much more comfortable with who I am, and who I want to be. The great thing about PSU is that there are so many people that you can truly be yourself and not have to worry about what anyone else thinks, because your true friends love you for who you are. I have gotten bigger, stronger, smarter, and I have grown up so much in the past 3 months.

Most of all these 94 days here at Penn State have been made me appreciate all of the little things about home even more. I have always loved Marshfield and everything that goes along with it, but now I know that for the rest of my life whenever I think of my true home Cranberry Cove will pop into my head. I will be able to picture thousands of games of catch with Dad that slowly turned into life lessons, the countless nights of watching TV when I rested my head against Mom’s shoulder just because she always makes me feel so happy, growing up everyday with Camden and everything that goes into a brother hood that you can never really express in words but that is so important, and watching Rachael set such a good example for you that all you ever wanted to do was make her proud and follow in her footsteps. I have been blessed with so many things throughout my life that all I can try to do now is to take advantage of everything that has been given to me and live up to the potential that I know I have. I know that whatever I do in life, my family will always be proud of me, but I want to make myself proud.


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  1. dad

    Jarrod, you make me so proud, more than I can say,

    You are my son, my wonder, and my joy,
    You along with your sister and brother are my greatest accomplishments in life.

    When people ask me about our family; I typically respond that I am a professional parent; with wonderful children who make me look good everyday.

    Your ability to lead and compel others to the next level IS your greatest asset, that most people see right from the first time they meet you. Your competitive nature vaults you to do your best while others simply are pleased to follow you on your journey.

    You have an instinctive ability to allow people to like you, trust you, and want to learn from you. This quality cannot be taught, and can only be nurtured from within as you are doing as you learn and evolve at PSU.

    PSU is only the beginning for you, you will excel at all that you choose to do in life. I do not say this because of the pride I have of being your father, I say this because I know the type of person you are becoming. You have IT. You are IT, and people who get to know you want to be with you because of IT>

    Stay true to yourself, don’t get caught up in the glory, because the BEST know humility, and they always seek the truth in life. Don’t worry about the people who will challenge you, and know that some will know more than you, but most will not know how to communicate what they know. You on the other hand know how to communicate instinctively, this is the hardest thing to learn.

    My love for you is boundless and I see the joy in your eyes as you grow in both knowledge and spirit.

    SEEK< LEARN< LOVE and enjoy.


    November 15, 2010 at 10:02 pm

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