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Back In The Grind and It Feels So Good

Monday will be the start of my fifth week back at Penn State after the winter break and I couldn’t be happier. The first few weeks of school always toy with my head as I wait to get into a routine of work, gym, and study. I can never seem to enjoy a course until we learn new material day in and day out. It seems funny that I have only been here for five weeks and four weeks from now I will be home for Spring break.

Over winter break I revisited a passion that had drifted away over the last few years, skiing. Even as a 10 and 11 year old I remember how special it felt as I used nature and gravity to move myself around a mountain always looking for the next glade or a new way. I a feel free on skis and always have, I remember growing up at 13 and 14 literally racing myself down the mountain always weaving in and out  of specs of dirt on the snow as if I was in the olympics. I remember thinking about how beautiful things looked untouched just the way God intended them to remain. Since I have started skiing again this year it has been amazing, I have progressed faster than any time in my life and I am definitely better at skiing now than I ever have been. I hope that I never have another 3 year absence from skiing in my life as it is an experience that is new every time out. Always new terrain, changing elements, and a new route down the mountain.

The thing that is most special the me is just the interaction with nature. In my eyes the earth we live on is no more than a blank canvas that God is constantly painting, creating, and bathing with beauty. Whatever continent, country, desert, jungle, swamp, or ocean, a glimpse at nature untouched is beautiful and something that people often take for granted. Those in wars, clashes, fights, and arguments should just step back find a peaceful place and look around at what is right in front of their eyes.

Someday, before I die, I want to go somewhere in this world where the only thing you see is nature, where the impact of humans is unseen, and things are as pure as they could ever be.

Sunrise this August!