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Get Set!

Two weeks. Two weeks is all that separates me from Penn State University. I’m still just a 17 year old kid, and in two weeks I will be an 18 year old college student enrolled at the Smeal College of Business one of the top 20 Business Schools in the entire nation! With only two weeks I can’t help but find myself looking back at all of the memories of Marshfield High School. All the track meets, all of the football games. All of which I watched in the stands with the marching band! Every song that was a hit and is now forgotten. Four years of memories and experienes with family, friends, and strangers that make up my life. Now its time to pack up, hit the road and make some brand new memories. Its just a minor switch, 1400 students to over 44,000, a stadium of parents to a ┬áBeaver Stadium of over 110,000 fans that make up Nittany Nation! Classes with over 400 students and a school that actually has real walls!

After the last four years of my life I am leaving a lot behind in the small town of Marshfield but I know that Penn State is exactly what I need to grow and mature as a person. I’ll miss everyone so much, but I am always just a phone call away. Sitting here I wish I could include all of the memories, but its time to get packed up, make new friends, and ship off to State!


On your mark!

This past Friday, Dad and I went dorm shopping! Through a manly champion performance it took only 2 hours and two stores to finish my entire dorm shopping list! This covered all sorts of things from a cork board to a shower caddy, cups, plates, lights, folders, a Penn State chair and rug, and much much more. It is crazy how this year is ending so quickly it seems as if my senior year of high school just began. I barely remember making my choice on going to Penn State and now it is finally here staring me in the face less than two weeks away and I feel like I have so much to learn!

I guarantee you there will be a few loads of laundry shrunk and a few less towels coming home than I originally took with me to school!


517 Packer Hall

East Halls, State College PA

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